I'll queef you out of my brain. (amanda) wrote in the_coolsig_lj,
I'll queef you out of my brain.

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Hey, if anyone here wants to 'friend' me, go right ahead. I'll friend you back.

Just leave a comment here so that I know who you all are (since some of you have different usernames from T4Cs)

*Sits down and waits patiently to see if anybody loves me!*

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Feel the love! I added you *L*

My username on T4C is 'raenfall' though I don't go there that often anymore..
Added you back hun. I've noticed your comments in Snebold & PB's journals. Good to have you as a friend!



13 years ago

I'm lost_equilibrium, of the waterlings, on T4C's.
*Adds you back*

Yay, people love me!!! Go me!

I added you :)

I'm ElliPhant on the forum if you didn't guess ;)
*Adds you back!*

I'm calum6pac on T4C, not been there much recently but I've been there for over three years :s I'm not as old as elli though she's a 4C pensioner :P

*adds you*
*Adds you back*

Ooh, you only live a couple of hours away from me!

*Sits and contemplates stalking!* (Only kidding)

I added you!
I go by kokkachan on T4C. :)
*Adds you too*

Your journal is soooo cool! Where'd you get the background from?

added you
added you back!
Hey, it's me, Guineagal. Just look at all the new buddies you are getting!

Henwhen here :)

I'll add you :)
Hello, Hello!

*Adds you back*


I'm Silentangel on the forum. :o)

Screened comment


13 years ago

I'm a little late but here to add you :)

On the forum, I'm Greenie.
Better late than never!

*Adds you back!*