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Coolsig LJ

The Unofficial LJ Gathering Place of Coolsiggers (T4C members)

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Quick update for coolsiggers without journals!

Anonymous comments to posts are accepted (so that coolsiggers without journals can participate) but should you choose to comment please make sure to put your coolsig alias in the subject line or the comment will be deleted.

Now onto the good stuff!

I (bellaanne)created this community journal because:

a. I am QUITE bored
b. There are so many members of coolsig that use livejournal and I figured this might be fun.
c. Because I have a million codes and nothing to do with them. :-D
My alias on coolsig is henwhen. My alias on livejournal is bellaanne.
Any and all questions can be directed to henwhen@sbcglobal.net
All new submissions are subject to approval as this community is open only to (active) members of coolsig so make sure to state your coolsig alias in your first post so that I and everyone else knows who you are (because I'm scatterbrained and can't keep up with the millions of different names.)

This community is moderated and maintained by:
anothersomebody -silentangel
bellaanne - henwhen
cowchick -cowchick
ephant - elliphant
phantasmamorgan - phantasma
raenstorm - raenfall
silentdreamsend - smileywiley

You know the rules. (The one I'm really concerned about being "No personal attacks, no name-calling, pushing or hair-pulling. Please keep in mind that behind every post is a real person with real feelings, just like you. If you're angry with someone, please post carefully. If you're worried about going over the line, don't post it. This is not at all to discourage people from arguing, debating or disagreeing, as long as it's done with respect." ) All those who violate the rules face the possibility of a temporary to permanent suspension at the discretion of the mods.

Pictures are more than welcome here, as long as they're in good taste! Furthermore, if you want to post a number of pictures, please use the lj-cut function to save on downloads for those who are worried about this.

Discuss anything and everything and debate freely but please do so in a considerate manner.
Please notify me, bellaanne, via text message through my livejournal should a problem occur in my absence that requires immediate attention.

Thanks and enjoy!


Coolsig/Four corners alias reference:

a_revolutionist - Jabberwock
abynormal - littledreamer
anothersomebody - Silentangel
apochick78 - Maleficent Snape
beastmonkey - greenie
bellaanne - henwhen
bozoforgot - loony loosebits
calum6pac - calum6pac
cowchick - cowchick
spilzify - Crazy Dragon
ephant - Elliphant
forest_song - Forest Song
gingin9386 - GuineaGal
greenmood - Jenna
henwhen - henwhen
hippofatcow -
hopskip - pilot
iceangel666 - Ice Angel
jody1223 - Jody
laughingbox - apollo11
bedackles - kokkachan
orpheus2003 - SweetPenguin
pallas__athena - Princess Brat
phantasmamorgan - Phantasma
raenstorm - raenfall
silentdreamsend - smileywiley
sparroweye - sparroweye
spiderbite7 - lost_equilibrium
suziannabean - Suziannabean
snebold - Lili