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Epiphany here!

So, I don't know if this thing has any activity at all, but I had a dream about Coolsig last night!

I dreamed the forum came back and had all this extra stuff like these subforums in the Woodsie's Glade for "Woodsie Adventure Roleplay", "Woodsie Photos", "Woodsie Advice" and stuff. And there was some thread in "Woodsie Photos" where you could vote on what celebrity or fictional character you pictured people as looking at, and I remember shouting to you (since we were somehow able to do this?) that "OMG IT'S INVADED COOLSIG TOO!" apparently because there was something like this in another site. And I had posted some SUPER ELABORATE roleplay intro post for "Effie" or whatever my roleplay self was called as a nickname for Epiphany, and some new guy kept critiquing it until we reminded him that this was not the "Woodsie Writing Critique" section (which we also had). And the roleplay was about something where there was this wall that if you stood against it long enough weird things started to happen, like the other walls would move or people would appear or apparently whatever you could think of.

Anyway, this dream got me feeling nostalgic, so I thought I'd look up some old Coolsig stuff. (I was in the thing on Facebook but I got so bored with Facebook in general, only thing keeping me from deleting my account on there is in the off chance I want to look at some thing you can't see without having an account on there.)
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